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Kasia Mortoń (Kate)

               Emotion for motion 


When people smile and relax, feel no pressure or judgement they train and learn better. My writings as well as my work explore the connections between body, movement and emotions. I create sessions that apart from benefits for a body and health also aim at liberating and empowering people (enhancing their mind, emotional fortitude and skillset), using the power of movement to holistically improve the performance and well-being of individuals, groups, companies and teams. I am the founder and CEO of the Partyrobics Fitness, trainer of  instructors, coach and choreographer with a vast experience from many other professional disciplines.


My work and project were featured in almost all big Belgian media outlets including ELLE, Flair Magazine, Het Lattse Nieuws, Notelle TV, RTL Radio, Belgian Got Talent Show, also in Canadian Metro and radio shows. 

I had the pleasure to cooperate with sport organisaions on various events and projects, including International Formula Windsurfing, Sport Vlaanderen, De Gymnastiekfederatie Vlaanderen (GymFed), Dance League of Belgium, and conducted team building activities for the largest companies of Belgium, such as Telenet, Randstad, Partena and IKEA as part of the Escape Event team, etc.

I developed various group lessons formats and teaching methods for fitness workouts that I dearly love. Yet, my main focus is to teach students and other trainers to build a connection between emotions, mind and body. I am an author of the cutting edges methodologies that bridge the gap between the dance and fitness industry. Making dance and expression more accessible to non-dancers and teaching them to appreciate its therapeutic value.

Experience: I am a sport and fitness instructor with over 10 years of experience in teaching dance and fitness groups across Europe. I also developed the skills of over 200 instructors (their musical and expressive performance, communicative abilities, as well as group dynamics and training methods). I led many dance and fitness events for up to 300 people. 





Groups Sessions


Summer Chair Dance Project - Work Out and Expression

30th June, 29th July, 25th August #women only (LEUVEN)

Chair Dance Weekly | July Thursday  (LEUVEN)

Summer Sessions: Outdoor, Partyrobics, Work Out

Trainers Education


Partyrobics Certification Workshops (for trainers)

Chair Dance Express Certification Workshops (for trainers)



Group Sessions

In all my sessions, whether it is a fitness workout class, body pump, dance choreography or Partyrobics, I use teaching techniques that make the learning process joyful, intuitively reletable and comfortable. Imagination plays an important role in stimulating the body, hence in my way to approach groups.

I am an author of the 'Integration Through Separation'' , ''Deepening'' and ''4 Energy Flows'' methods that are the two foundations of the Partyrobics and Chair Dance Express formats, that reconstruct how students connect emotion and movement in order to produce the energy needed for expression, employing bodily intuition to feel and navigate the energy. You have fun, but your body is effortlessly learning too.

Training trainers


​''Individualistic Approach to Teaching'' targets mostly trainers. It teaches instructors how to be creative, adopt easily to the needs of the class, think out of the box and project their personality into the class they conduct. 



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