Since May 2015, I have been running my own blog in Polish on social and political issues. The materials published there vary from opinion columns to  video-interviews. I advocate for intercultural dialogue, women rights, democracy and social justice.


My goal is to share with Polish people all the perspectives and ''sources'' (people’s stories, experiences) I had the opportunity to access, because of my diverse work. Most of the pieces are re-published by Gazeta Wyborcza (listed HERE), sometimes by other Internet social portals.   


I occasionally publish in English or produce journalistic work.


I feel that my biggest strength is that I learn about the world through working and engaging with people.  Even if I travel, most of the time I do things with a community, or people living there. I engage, because of a project, friendships, or different initiatives.

I am rarely in the position of being an observer of events, because I want to participate, feel, understand, build and contribute and most of all - truly experience.

It doesn’t matter if that’s while teaching dance classes, organising a sports event, having a business meeting or doing capacity building projects for an NGO.


Most of my articles are a reaction to social and political events. I try to respond to them with a story or comments that bring, I hope, a new perspective or piece of unvoiced information. I’m always looking at issues from both a human and systematic point of view at the same time.   


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