Partyrobics (Dance & Entrepreneurship)

Partyrobics project was widely covered by all the major media outlets in Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders) TV, women magazines, newspapers and radio. We were also featured in the Canadian and Polish media.




Civil Society and Journalism 

Neil Clarke

Minority Rights Group Europe,

Managing Director

I have known Katarzyna for around 10 years, in which time I have had the pleasure of working with her numerous civil society projects. In this time Katarzyna also worked for my organization Minority Rights Group, an international human rights NGO. Katarzyna has been a tireless advocate for Human Rights and civil society development in Europe and the Middle East. She brings a wide-ranging and flexible skillset, being able to develop long term strategic advocacy processes, which range from direct engagement within the highest levels of EU institutions to the nurturing and empowerment of grassroots civil society organizations. Katarzyna is able to grasp the details of public policy quickly and accurately, develop civil society responses through a range of tested consultative approaches and lead advocacy campaigns, in particular through her ability to manage teams of in ‘remote’ locations. Her experience and wide-ranging network make her an ideal consultant for both for civil society organizations and public institutions and MRG as an organization hopes we can continue to call on her skills and services in the future.





Anna Saraste

European Youth Press,

Member of the Executive Board  

I worked with Katarzyna on several occasions - first, her leading the groups I participated in, and later as a fellow team member. At European Youth Press, Katarzyna did not only hold a leadership position, but lead people by her example and natural talent for taking on great responsibility. I have rarely found anyone so dedicated, focused, and professional in my working life. A special mention needs to be said for Katarzyna's intercultural skills, which she has developed to a very high standard throughout years of managing international teams and projects.

Source: LinkedIn

Dmitri Romanovski

European Youth Press,

Member of the Executive Board 

Katarzyna is a natural leader: skilful, resourceful and multitasking. Being a team-builder, she inspires people around her and motivates to pursue their dreams. I had the honour to work with her on some European Youth Press Projects and was astonished by her hard work, responsibility, emotional intelligence and intellectual flexibility. Through the years, she did not loose her curiosity towards the world and never stopped learning new things.

Source: LinkedIn

Dobriyana Tropankeva


Orange Magazine,

Editor in Chief

Katarzyna (Kate) Mortoń is one of these multitalented managers that if you need a job done, you should simply hire her. No matter if it is in the music or media industry, Ms. Mortoń can plan, execute and lead to success any project. I have personally worked with her in more than 10 European-wide journalism projects and Ms. Mortoń has not only overachieved all of her KPIs, but also have earned the love and respect of her team. She is the best expert I know to execute a project in a creative or media industry with the maximum result.

Source: LinkedIn


Creation, Movement & Enterprenourship


Pat De Jonge


Escape Event,

Managing Director

Kate’s enthusiasm and professionalism was contagious and people got highly motivated.  The result was fantastic and again, social media got flooded.


Kate is extremely passionate, precise and delivers the goods.  And most of all: she is a very nice person to work with. Highly recommend!

Shana Onsea

Dance student, Partyrobics Team Member

Kate is an incredible dancer. She’s willing to explore each and every style, but makes sure that she puts her own, individual mark on it. Her dancing is unique. She dances with passion, energy and motivation. Even when you’re tired during one of her classes, you can’t help but move a little harder and faster when you see her move.

            Kate also combines her classes with personal coaching sessions. After a year, she asked me if I wanted to become a Partyrobics teacher. I was shy, and not much of a dancer, so I had no idea what she saw in me. But she practiced with me, in her own free time, and I am now an official Partyrobics teacher. On top of that, I am a much more open and assertive person. Dancing enhances your social abilities, but Kate was the biggest help here. She worked with me, talked to me, and gave me opportunities I’d never even dreamed of.

            No matter what happens, Kate has everything under control. She multitasks, she solves crises, she delegates and she always sees the bigger picture. She is a professional you can count on.

Dirk Butaye

She has been working as an Executive Creative Director, developing a product growth strategy, business plans and marketing plans with high professional standards.  She has been  working on various segments of the project, whilst simultaneously overseeing the big picture so as to assure the brand's coherency and consistency. She has been ensuring high quality execution, monitoring and evaluation of all the sets of aforementioned tasks.


Additionally, she has a natural ability to engage plenty of people into our work. She takes the best of their talents and potential, assuring that in return for their voluntary contribution they will benefit in personal growth, or gain a meaningful learning experience. Kate has a very strong work ethic that promotes fairness, openness and constructive honesty as well as solution-oriented thinking in crises and critical situations.  

Ivana Geric

Partyrobics Instructor. 

I enjoy Kate's classes, mainly 'dancy' ones. :) I think she has a lot of experience or at least she gives that impression. Very patient, devoted, energetic and giving. Also a great 'mentor' as she 'pushed' me and guided me in my 'professional' growth. With the help from Kate I have learned new approaches in teaching and grew as an instructor. I am happy to be part of Partyrobics and standing in front of people and feeling their energy is one of the best parts of my days. It puts smile on my face and gives me enormous satisfaction. 



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