I am profoundly passionate about the massive role that movement (sport, fitness, dance) plays in human life and societies. Just think about it. Olympics Games is an event that gathers conflicted nations in a healthy competition. 


The dance floor is a place where I witness women opening up to their own bodies and emotions in the safe arms of music. Team building activities that use motion, energy, and sharing help professionals to build a trust-space and bond with each other. It affects their work and performance to a great extent. 

I am a certified Sport & Fitness Instructor and also teach dance-classes for over 8 years. I own the Partyrobics Fitness brand (that has a separate space in this portfolio). Additionally, I worked with large Belgian companies such as Randstad, Telenet, Ikea, leading creative sessions for teams of professionals focusing on dance and movement.    

I organised or led hundreds of creative events for women that aimed to empower them physically and mentally. My goal is to create a safe space where they can express themselves and work out, but also change the way they perceive their own bodies. Young women are my main focus, but I also worked with seniors & children.


I have coached over 150 trainers in Partyrobics on dance, fitness and team-building methods, successfully passing diverse skills and formulas to motivated people, as part of a mission to create more jobs that foster a holistic approach to life. The results of my work were extensively covered by local and national media in both regions of Belgium (TV, press and radio). We have also been featured by Canadian and Polish media. 


I feel that giving myself space for a total liberation and learning how to give love and energy to my body, tremendously developed me as an individual and a professional . Additionally, the amount of skills I extracted from  creative work with movement and people is huge, and this empowered my attitude in other areas of professional life. My mission is to promote this holistic approach and encourage people to implement it in their lives. 


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