''Power to the people'' means to me developing people's awareness, skills, knowledge and opportunities  in order to grow.


What does dance have to do with business and political activism?

What is it all about?

One moment I am at a high-profile meeting, discussing crucial political issues, while the next second, I turn on the floor wearing cut clothes and jump explosively with other women to the energetic music. I would equally promote and dedicate my time to a strategy building for NGO or a political stakeholder as well as to setting a business structure for my world-wide fitness-dance project.  It's all about people's empowerment,  freedom and multiplying. 

So, if you are perhaps wondering why anyone would build such a website - or let's say a portfolio, when everything can be easily found on LinkedIn? - Well, this is why. I created this to highlight various aspects of my work for all those who find it interesting or useful. And yes, I would like to introduce it to you, the way I have it in mind, with the narrative and visuals that reflects me. Because communication is always key. Next to education. 


Surprisingly, dance, entrepreneurship, consultancy and capacity building have a lot in common, though many linkages are not obvious at first sight. It's certainly very challenging to give a right picture of your capacities, skills and experiences when you are active in diverse disciplines and take on various roles. That does not mean however - as people often think - that you are incapable of specialising or focusing on one thing. You are. It rather implies that you look at actions and tasks with an holistic lens and always puzzle together different pieces of knowledge that complete and enhance each other.


You can learn from dance to be more efficient in your project management and better express yourself. Or you can use quality journalistic techniques ameliorate your advocacy and grass-root peer to peer conversations. And vice versa. Everything is interconnected.

My ultimate goal? Building human capacities and creating conditions in order to achieve people’s potential.  I love to see others grow, whatever the tools for humanity to become more fair, self-aware and ethical: an improved policy-making on the European level, building capacity of a grass-root movement or non-governmental organisation, well-prepared education reform in Poland, promoting a healthy-life style program or Beyonce's latest, liberating song; I'm  happy to work with it.

If you think we could cooperate with each other, that I could bring added value to your team or you wish to join some of the activities and projects that I organise - do not hesitate to contact me an I would be delighted to discuss how we could work together !

© 2017 by Katarzyna Mortoń