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social -political activism meets dance and entrepreneurship

SPACE 4 | Body Expressive Creative work with sport, dance and fitness.

A passionate media-maker, producing journalistic pieces (videos and text) and opinion pieces, running a social-political blog. ​Read More

Expressing emotions, sharing passions, even getting a little wild in a safe atmosphere. Bouncing with other women in a #girlpower mode, liberating yourself from judgement. Working out, having fun, dancing! This is what the Partyrobics® is all about.

I have created and developed an international dance-fitness concept that aims to physically and emotionally empower women. I am leading both the business and creative side of Partyrobics. ​Read More

Journeying for a better world: a 10 years powerful record of conceiving, designing and implementing educational projects and communication campaigns, creating multidisciplinary and multi-levelled partnerships to boost innovative thinking and bring adequate solutions to diagnosed challenges.  


An experienced profound collaborator with diverse stakeholders from EU institutions, state, NGOs, civil society, grass-roots and media bridging local, national, international but also cultural perspectives. Focused on the power of communication, outreach and partnership. Read More

SPACE 1 |  Capacity Building & Consultancy for Quality Media, Human Rights and Democracy.
SPACE 2 | Entrepreneurship: Founder of the Partyrobics® Dance-Fitness Concept. 
SPACE 3 | Writing and publishing on social & political issues.

Using movement (dance, fitness, sport) to holistically improve performance and well being of individuals, groups, companies and teams. ​Read More



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